Special Features on Apple Frontends

A number of special features are available on Apple frontends. The following figure depicts the Apple menu bar with an SAP Graphics window.

The menus in the Apple menu bar provide additional and alternative options for your SAP Graphics application.

Additional options:

  • Copying the SAP Graphics work area to the clipboard

Select Edit  ®   Copy to copy the work area to the clipboard.

  • Changing font, font size and style in the SAP Graphics work area

To change the font, select Settings  ®   Font. To change the style (bold, italics, etc.), select Settings  ®   Style. To change the font size, select Settings  ®   Font  ®   Minimal Size.

  • Displaying open SAP Graphics windows

Click on the Window menu in the Apple menu bar to display a list of open SAP Graphics windows. You can make any window your active window by clicking on the corresponding list item.

Alternative options:

  • Printing a graph

You can print a graph as follows:

    1. Set your print parameters by selecting File  ®   Page Setup.
    2. Print your graph by selecting File  ®   Print.
  • Canceling an SAP Graphics application

You can close SAP Graphics windows as follows:

    • To close the currently active window, select File  ®   Close or click on the close icon.
    • To close all windows, select File  ®   Quit.

Other special features are as follows:

  • Resizing windows

Position the mouse pointer to the bottom right corner of your SAP Graphics window. The mouse pointer changes into the resize symbol. Drag the mouse to resize the window.

  • Displaying hidden menus

If your SAP Graphics window is too small to display all menus contained in its menu bar, the menu symbol is displayed in the menu bar. Click on it to display the hidden menus and options.

  • Activating the alternative mouse button

Keep the mouse button pressed while pressing the command key.

For example, the alternative mouse button function is required to display the function keys of your current SAP Graphics application.