Pushbuttons in Dialog Windows

Each dialog window has four or five buttons at the bottom. These buttons are:

  • Continue

Use this button to save the current menu settings and exit the Options menu.

If you have selected an option, but have not activated it with the Apply button, Continue saves it anyway.

  • Apply

Use this button to activate an option you have selected.

You may not need the Apply button to activate selected options. This depends on how your System Administrator has installed the graphics program.

If the related graph changes as soon as you select an option, you do not need the Apply button. If the graph does not change on selection, you must click on Apply to see the option in effect.

An exception to this rule is the Dimension Order option (in the 3D Options menu). You must click on the Apply button to activate this change, regardless of what the system default is.

  • Default

Use this button to set all options in the menu back to their default (system-defined) values. Your current settings are lost. (Only the Color Assignment menu contains this button.)

  • Cancel

Use this button to leave the Options menu without saving the option settings. The 3D graph returns to the state it had before you opened the menu.

  • Help

Use this button to display information about the options available in the menu.