Formatting Graphs

SAP Business Graphics provides you with four options menus for formatting the graphs. These four options menus are available through the Options main menu (in the menu bar) and they all work in the same way.

As an example, follow the steps below to try out the 3D Options menu. To begin, return to the Selection view, if you are not already there.

  1. Click on Options in the menu bar and further select 3D Options.
  2. Re-position the Selection view and the menu (by clicking on each window's title bar and dragging) so you can see both at the same time.
  3. In the 3D Options menu, the current graph type (the default) is Towers. Select the graph type Pyramids. (If there is no immediate change in the 3D graph, click on the Apply button below).

    The objects in the 3D graph change to pyramids, while the 2D graph remains the same.

  4. Click on the various 3D Colors entries to observe how the coloring pattern changes in the 3D graph.

Try out several combinations of options to observe the effects. Bear in mind that not all options can be used with all graph types. The section Formatting Graphs provides more details on individual options menus.

Setting Options and Indicators

To set a menu option, click on the option. If no change is visible in the relevant graph (the 2D or 3D graph to which the option applies), click on the Apply button as well.

The results of your changes appear in the graph.

Menu indicators work slightly differently. If they have up- and down-arrows attached, you can click on the arrows to add or subtract one to the indicator's value.

You can also just type new values in. Click on the box where the indicator's current value is displayed, delete the value and type in a new one. If you type a value that is too large or too small, the indicator's maximum or minimum value is automatically used.