Switching Between Graphics Views

SAP Business Graphics provides you with four possible views, formatted windows, for displaying the data. You can move around between these views using the Goto menu.

You are placed in one of these views as soon as you enter SAP Business Graphics. The starting view depends on the input data you use. For data in a single table with rows and columns, you are placed by default in the Selection view. This view contains three parts:

To switch from the Selection View to another view, (for example the 3D view), proceed as follows:

  1. Select 3D view by clicking on the pushbutton or choose Goto  ®   3D view.

    The Selection view goes away, and is replaced by the 3D view. This view contains a single 3D graph.

  2. Try the above steps to call up the 2D view and Groups view, to see what these views look like.