Side-by-Side Graphs

Only 2D graphs can be presented in side-by-side format. A side-by-side graph displays several values side-by-side for each item in the horizontal axis. If the rows are displayed along this axis, each row item contains as many values as there are columns.

There can be no more than sixteen side-by-side values for a single item. If the row or column being presented side-by-side has more than sixteen items, the rest will not appear.

Side-by-side graphs are generated automatically when you request a 3D display for a 2D graph. You do this by highlighting the topmost selection bar in the Selection view. (See the section Using the Selection View) for information on using the selection bars.)

In contrast to stacked graphs, side-by-side graphs can contain negative values.

The following figure contains a Side-by-Side 2D Graph.