Understanding the Data Displays

The data you input to SAP Business Graphics is interpreted by the program and used to generate 2D and 3D graphs. This section describes the different forms your input data can take, and the different forms a graph can take.

It contains the following topics:

Describes the data input tables you can input, and how SAP Business Graphics interprets them to create graphs.

Describes some special graph configurations, and then summarizes all configurations possible for given forms of data input.

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The 2D and 3D graphs described in this section can occur in any of the four views (Selection, 3D, 2D, and Groups) listed in the Goto menu. You use the menus and buttons in these views to display all or parts of the input in more detail.

For more information on selecting parts of the input data for display, see the section Switching Between Views.

For information on formatting the graph, once the data has been selected, see the section Formatting Graphs