Editing a Screen Capture Area

To edit a screen capture area, highlight the desired part of the area, and click on the Edit button or press F6.

You are placed in the screen capture editor, where the text you highlighted is displayed in reverse-video. You can edit anywhere inside this region.

See the section Format Rules for Screen Capture Inputfor detailed formatting information.

The following editing functions are available, using either keyboard keys or the mouse.

Positioning the Cursor

  • Arrow keys: move the cursor one character in any direction.
  • Ctrl+Left-Arrow, Ctrl+Right-Arrow: move the cursor one word to the left or right in the current line.
  • POS1, END: position the cursor at the very beginning or very end of the current line.
  • PageUp, PageDown: move the cursor to the top or bottom line (within the same column) of the highlighted area.
  • Positioning using the mouse: Position the cursor anywhere in the highlighted area by clicking on this position with the mouse.

Deleting Text

  • Backspace: deletes the character to the left of the cursor position.
  • Del: deletes the character at the cursor position.
  • Deleting a block of text using the mouse: Position the mouse cursor on a particular text character and click. Holding the mouse button down, move the mouse either down and to the right or up and to the left. The block of text between the starting and ending position of the mouse is deleted.

Inserting Text

  • Ins: switches between insert-mode and replace-mode. If you press this key and enter text, the existing text moves to the right. If you press the key a second time, you return to replace mode. Text you enter in replace-mode replaces the existing text.

Note that to use insert-mode, you must have space at the end of the line, within the editing region. If the text already extends to the far right side of the highlighted area, you cannot insert more. In this case, re-highlight the text region, leaving more space to the right and re-edit.

Using Functions Keys and Pushbuttons

The following function keys and pushbuttons are available:

  • F1

Calls up a help window.

  • F15

Leaves the screen capture program and returns you to the SAP transaction.

  • Highlight

Returns you to highlighting-mode.

  • Edit

Allows you to edit the highlighted area.

  • Draw

Starts SAP Business Graphics with the graph of your data.

If you are in editing mode, two more pushbuttons are available in addition to the Highlight pushbutton:

  • Restore

Undoes all editing changes you have made within this call to the editor. The Restore operation does not return you from the editor.

  • Continue

Exits from the screen capture editor.