Highlighting a Screen Capture Area

To highlight an area in the screen, move the mouse cursor to the upper left corner of the region you want to select. Holding the left mouse button down, move the cursor down and to the right until you reach the lower right corner of region. Release the mouse button. The hightlighted region is displayed in reverse-video.

The screen capture program interprets the region you highlight to determine what values and other information the region contains. (See the following figure.) Interpreted text is displayed in particular colors, depending on what the screen capture program thinks each piece of text is. These colors, which are used regardless of the user's setup, are as follows:

  • numerals in green, white lettering
  • text in grey:
    • dimension element (row and column) names: white lettering
    • dimension names: blue lettering
    • main title: black lettering

You can highlight only one continuous region at a time. However, if you want to capture two separate regions, you can highlight both regions together and use the editor to delete everything in between.

It is not possible to capture (or highlight) data from more than one screen at a time.