SAP Workflow AF_process (Process Notification of Absence)


Workflow for processing a notification of absence after its creation.

Note that the notification of absence is not created in the workflow, but is "application functionality". A triggering event makes the link to the workflow.

One of the main functions of workflow control is determining the correct agents.

Workflow: TS30000015

Abbreviation: AF_process

Name: Process notification of absence


Workflow container

The following information must be available during the workflow:

  • The (object) reference to the notification of absence to be processed
  • The name of the leave applicant

(required to find the superior in the rule resolution)

The relevant elements must be available in the workflow container to take this information:

  • The element _WF_Initiator for the applicant is in the workflow container as standard.
  • The element AbsenceForm for the object reference was created in addition to the standard elements.

Both items of information are initially event parameters in the container of the triggering event, and must be passed from there via a binding to the workflow container.

Triggering event of workflow

The event created for the object type FORMABSENC ( notification of absence) is entered as a triggering event of the workflow. This type linkage between the event and the workflow to be started is deactivated as standard and must first be activated in Customizing if the workflow is to be started.

Binding from the event container to the workflow container

The following binding is defined between the triggering event (or event container) and the workflow container:

Workflow container


Event container