Rule: Manager (Superior of...)


Rule with which the superior of an agent, a position, or an organizational unit can be determined.

Rule: AC00000168

Abbreviation: Manager

Name: Superior of...


Rule parameters

The following can be passed as rule parameters:

  • ORG_OBEJCT (reference field RHOBJECTS-OBJECT )


  • OType (reference field OBJEC-OTYPE ) and ObjId (reference field OBJEC-REALO )

All three rule parameters are elements in the rule container. The contents of ORG_OBJECT are evaluated with priority. If ORG_OBJECT is not passed, the rule parameters OType and ObjId are evaluated.

  • ORG_OBJECT contains either the specification of a person, a position or an organizational unit in the composite form P <eight-digit number> , S <eight-digit number> or O <eight-digit number> , or the specification of a user in the composite form US<twelve-character user name> .
  • OType (reference field OBJEC-OTYPE ) contains the ID of the object in a two-character field. The following are allowed:

O organizational unit

S position

US user name

P person

  • ObjId contains either the number of the person, position or organizational unit, or the user name in a twelve-character field.

Binding definition

In the demo example, the rule is used to find the superior of the initiator of the workflow starting from the initiator. The user name of the initiator is stored in a fourteen-character field with reference to RHOBJECTS-OBJECT in the element _WF_Initiator of the workflow container. The binding is therefore defined to the element ORG_OBJECT of the rule container for the relevant step.


Preparation in the organizational plan

The company's organizational plan is evaluated for the rule resolution. This takes into account either direct reporting structures between positions (position "reports to" position, relationship A/B002 ) or the designation of chief positions (position "manages" organizational unit, relationship A/B012 ) in the organizational units.

The relevant relationships must have been created at the appropriate points when the organizational plan was set up.