SAP Task AF_Txt_Send (Send Long Text After Approval)


Task for sending a task description.

This task always runs in the background. A multiline element is provided in the task container for the recipient name(s) and needs to be filled via a binding and passed on to the method.

Task: TS30000102

Abbreviation: AF_Txt_Send

Name: Send long text after approval


Referenced object method, properties

Object type: SELFITEM ( WI for method on itself)

Method: SendTaskDescription ( send description)

Properties: Background processing

Agent assignment

Agent assignment does not apply because the task runs in the background

Other information about the task

The object method operates on the work item from which it is called. The object processed is therefore the work item itself and does not exist until execution time. The element _WI_Object_Id of the task container must not be assigned a value.

The referenced method has four parameters:


Recipient address as object reference, multiline


Express indicator


Recipient name, multiline


Recipient type

For each method parameter, there is a corresponding element in the task container and a binding definition from the task container to the method container. How the task container is "supplied" with the information required is described in the binding definition from the workflow container in the task container.

Each task can only be used for the one text defined for it. If you want to send the task description in another context, you need to create a new task with its own task description.

The task description contains expressions in the form & as variables. The object reference to the processed notification of absence is located in the element AbsenceForm in the task container. This element has been added to the standard elements in the task container. The expression above refers to the attribute xxx of this object. At runtime, the variables are replaced by the current attribute values.