Technical Implementation

Object types

Object technology is used to implement the interface between the SAP functions and the workflow system.

The following information is of a technical nature. You require this information if you are interested in the details of implementation or want to make your own enhancements.


Object Type SELFITEM


The tasks used here are available as "modules" and can also be used in other workflow scenarios without any modifications.

SAP Task AF_approve (Approve Notification of Absence)

SAP Task AF_update (Revise Notification of Absence)

SAP Task AF_delete (Delete Notification of Absence)

SAP Task AF_Txt_Send (Send Long Text After Approval)

Rules for agent determination

Rules for agent determination are normally defined very specifically for an application scenario.

One exception is the rule for determining an employee's superior. This rule is used in this example for processing a notification of absence in an extended form. For more information on the general use of this rule, see Rule Manager (Superior of...). The rule used in this example is, in addition to the determined superior, also delivered to the applicant, so that no errors are generated in the case of an incomplete organizational plan.


The business process flow is implemented as a workflow. You can find this workflow in your SAP System.

SAP Workflow AF_process (Process Notification of Absence)

Details of the Workflow Definition