Demo Example: Processing a Notification of Absence


This SAP workflow demonstrates how to process a notification of absence.

It can be used as an example for demonstrating workflow functions, and is particularly suitable for training.

Process Flow

An employee enters a notification of absence (leave request) in the R/3 System by filling out the relevant input template.

The direct superior of the applicant is responsible for approving or rejecting the notification of absence. The R/3 System determines the direct superior automatically on the basis of the organizational plan maintained.

If the request is approved the applicant is notified by mail:

If the request is not approved, the applicant is informed and can decide whether to withdraw the notification of absence or revise it. If the superior has given reasons for the rejection in an attachment, the applicant can take these into consideration.

If the applicant revises the request, it is submitted to the superior for approval again. The applicant can also add an attachment, which can then be accessed by the superior.

This cycle is repeated until either the superior approves the leave request or the applicant withdraws it.

The applicant can find out the current processing status at any time by looking in their workflow outbox.