Determining Space Information (MaxDB)

You can determine information on the memory space and memory parameters online, or to read from existing statistics.


You have selected the role of the database administrator for the database system:

The system displays the database administrator user menu.


Choose Database: Archiving ® Data Archiving: DB Tables (transaction DB15).

Enter an archiving object and then display the corresponding tables (Displaying Archiving Objects and Tables).

Space (Online) : The system displays information from the database system about the number of records, the utilized storage space, and the data of the last statistics creation.

The system also displays general information about the time and the number of the last archiving run and its client dependency.

Space Statistics : The system displays relevant information from the SAP tables DBSTATTADA and DBSTATIADA. These tables are filled by UPDATE STATISTICS runs scheduled using the DBA Planning Calendar (transaction DB13 ).

Additional Information for a Specific Table : If you want detailed information about the space and space parameters of a specific table, select the table and choose Online Space  or Space Statistics. Alternatively, you can select a table from the display and then choose Space Details.


You can use Archive Management to activate or plan data archiving.