Ad-Hoc Reporting


You can use this function to report from the archive information structure, which was created for the selected archiving object, without this structure having to be filled first .


You have created and activated the archive information structure to be reported.


Depending on the selection criteria entered in the selection screen, an object is displayed for the set archive information structure. The standard functions of the SAP List Viewer (ALV, formerly ABAP List Viewer) is used to do this.

To display a data object, the system accesses the archive directly. If an application-specific view is available for the archiving object used, a dialog box appears in which you can choose between the technical or the application-specific presentation of the data object.

Unlike the standard reporting function, which requires that the archive information structure is filled with data from the archive, the ad hoc reporting function reads directly from the archive. This enables you test archiving and report archived data that has not yet been deleted from the database.


Reporting Information Structures

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