Maintaining the Start Date


You are in Archive Administration (transaction SARA) and you have selected one of the following actions: Write, delete, or reload.

The start data only needs to be maintained once when you execute the first action. The settings remain valid until you leave the Archive Administration transaction. The next time you enter the transaction, you will have to enter the parameters again.


  1. Choose the Start Date function.

    The Start Time screen is displayed where you can maintain the start date values.

  2. Choose one of the buttons for fixing the desired start date, and maintain the parameters in the fields available.

    To schedule periodic jobs, use the Period Values function.

    The Restrictions function allows you to restrict the start date.

  3. Choose: Continue.


The start date for the archiving action is maintained. If you have also made your archive selection and spool parameters, you can now schedule the required archiving action.

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