Calculating Storage Space Gained


You have determined the tables involved. For more information, see the application-specific documentation for the archiving objects. You can also use the DB Tables function to do this (see Tables and Archiving Objects).


1.       Call the ABAP Dictionary by choosing Tools ® ABAP/4 Workbench ® Development ® Dictionary.

2.       Enter the name of each table and choose Display.

The Dictionary: Table screen appears and contains several tab pages with detailed information on the relevant table. The header contains the following information on the table.

·     Name

·     Type (transparent or cluster)

·     Status (active or inactive)

·     Short description of table contents

The length of the table fields is given in bytes and can be found in the Length column on the Fields tab page.

You must multiply the values for tables containing dependent positions by a factor that reflects their actual business use.


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