Retrieving Archived Files


Using the SAP Content Management Infrastructure (also contains the ArchiveLink/CMS interface), archive files stored in a storage system can be retrieved into the SAP system for further processing such as evaluation.


·        You are in the Archive Administration of the archiving object for which you want to retrieve archive files.

·        The archive files for retrieval are accessible from Archive Administration.



       1.      Choose Storage System.

The Store/Retrieve Archive Files menu box appears.

       2.      Choose Retrieve Files.

The Archive Administration: Retrieve Files screen appears.

       3.      Using Archive Selection, select the archive files you want to retrieve and specify when you want the retrieval to commence.

       4.      Confirm your retrieval request by choosing Execute.


The selected archive files will be retrieved into the SAP system at the specified time for further processing.

The Storage System function is also available under management in Archive Administration.

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