Storing Archive Files


If you have not specified in archiving object-specific Customizing that archive files are to be transferred automatically after their creation to a connected storage system, you can store the archive files afterwards using the SAP Content Management Infrastructure (which also contains the ArchiveLink/CMS interface).


·        An external storage system is linked to your SAP System.

·        The content repository, to which you want to transfer the file, has been maintained in archiving object-specific Customizing for the archiving object.

·        You are in the Archive Administration of the archiving object for which you want to store archive files.



       1.      Choose Storage System.

The Store/Retrieve Archive Files menu box appears.

       2.      Choose Store Files.

The Store/Retrieve Archive Files menu box appears.

       3.      Using Archive Selection, choose the archive files you want to store and specify the Start Date.

       4.      Confirm your storage request by choosing Execute.

The selected archive files will be transferred to the storage system at the specified time.

The Storage System function is also available in Archive Administration.

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