Calling Archiving Session Management


You are in the Archive Administration: Initial Screen (transaction SARA). You have entered the name of the archiving object in the Object Name field.


1.       Choose Management.

The Archive Management: Archiving Session Overview screen appears.

2.       You can now perform the following activities:

·         Display Archiving Session Details

·         Display Archive File Details

·         Transfer Files to ArchiveLink or Retrieve Files from ArchiveLink provided that a storage system is connected.

Furthermore, the tool bar offers the following functions:

·        Spool list: Overview of the current spool requests for the archiving session

·        Storage system: Functions for storing and retrieving archive files

·        Customizing

·        Job Overview: Overview of all archiving jobs and the functions available for processing them. For more information on the job overview, refer to Managing Jobs in the Job Overview.

·        Database Tables

·        Infosystem

·        Statistics

You can access more functions using the Goto menu item.