Deleting Archived Data from the Database


·        In Archive Management, there are still archiving sessions for which the delete phase is not yet been completed.

If the delete program is not called automatically after the read action has completed (see Delete Program Settings), you must wait until the archiving has completed. Only then can you schedule this step.

You then have the option of editing a whole archiving session with all archive files or of selecting individual archive files for editing.

·        You are in the Archive Administration: Initial Screen (transaction SARA). You have entered the name of the archiving object in the Object Name field.



       1.      Choose Delete.

This takes you to the Archive Administration: Reload Archive screen, where you can schedule a background job.

If you only want to run the delete program for test purposes (so that the data is not deleted from the database), choose the option Test Mode.

       2.      Choose Archive Selection.

You access a dialog box with the archiving sessions that are available for the archiving object. Usually, this is only the latest session that was run.

       3.      If you want to edit a complete archiving session, select an archiving session and choose Continue. You return to the initial screen.

If you want to edit one or several specific archive files, expand the archiving session. Mark the required archive files and choose Continue.

       4.      Maintain the Start Dateand the Spool Parameters.


You have now entered all the data needed for the background job. To create the job, choose Execute.

When all the deletion jobs are completed for the run, the system event SAP_ARCHIVING_DELETE_FINISHED is started by the ADK. This triggers subsequent processes, such as file backup using external tools.

The Goto menu offers access to the following:

·        Customizing

·        Job Overview: Offers an overview of all archiving jobs and the functions available for processing them.

·        Management

·        Database Tables

·        Infosystem

You can view the logs for the started process from the initial screen of Archive Administration via Logs.

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