Reloading Data


The reloading function is only meant for emergency cases, in which the wrong data was archived due to errors in Customizing or during document selection. Therefore, data should only be reloaded immediately after the erroneous archiving session. If you reload the data later you may end up with inconsistencies in your database.

·        You are in the Archive Administration; Initial Screen (transaction SARA). You have entered the name of the archiving object in the Object Name field.

·        Archive administration has access to the archive files you want to reload.

When reloading data, the system can only process complete archiving sessions. Archive files can be reloaded completely or partially. In either case the archive file is marked as reloaded. Objects that were not reloaded are written to a new archive file. 



       1.      Choose Goto ® Reload.

This takes you to the Archive Administration: Reload Archive screen, where you can schedule a background job.

       2.      Choose Archive Selection.

A dialog box containing the archiving sessions that have already been processed by the delete program appears.

       3.      Mark the desired archiving session and choose Continue.

This takes you back to the original screen.

       4.      Maintain the Start Date and the Spool Parameters.


You have now entered all the data needed for the background job. Choose Create Job to create the job.

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