Archiving Checklist


This checklist helps to ensure that you complete the necessary archiving steps and that you perform them in the correct order.

Process Flow

Before the first archiving session


       1.      Check the Basis Customizing settings. Are the logical file names maintained?

       2.      Check cross-archiving object Customizing. Is the Central Repository for storage maintained using the SAP Content Management Infrastructure?

       3.      Check the application-specific Customizing settings. Are residence times maintained?

Before using an archiving object for the first time

Check archiving object-specific Customizing settings:

·        Was the file name is correctly assigned?

·        Are the deletion program variants maintained? (Note that the variants are client-specific)

·        Is the maximum archive file size correctly set?

·        Is the deletion program to run automatically?

·        Is the index to be created?

For each archiving session


       1.      Ensure that the user department and system management coordinate their activities.

       2.      Check the network graphic to determine whether interdependencies exist (do other data objects have to be archived first?)

       3.      Schedule the archiving session (maintain variant).

       4.      If the deletion program is not to be run automatically, run the delete program manually.

       5.      If the archive files are not to be stored automatically by the Content Management Infrastructure, carry out the storage manually.


                            a.      Copy the files to tape.

                            b.      Note the name of the tape in archive management.