File Storage to Storage System


Here, you can specify whether an archive file is to be transferred automatically after successful processing to a connected storage system. Storage is carried out by the SAP Content Management Infrastructure (which contains the ArchiveLink/CMS interface). You an also specify the sequence of the delete and storage phases.


A storage system is connected to mySAP Business Suite.


To start automatic storage of the archive file, mark Start Automatically. Select the relevant Content Repository.

If rules and conditions have been entered for the specified archiving object, it is no longer possible at this point to select the Content Repository manually as described above. During archiving the Archive Routing settings always overrule the manual selection of the Content Repositories. If this is the case, the Archive Routing push button would appear instead of an entry field for the Content Repository. You can use the push button to branch to the Archive Routing function, where you can enter or change rules and conditions. For more information about this function see Archive Routing and The Routing of Archive Files to Different Content Repositories.

Under Sequence, you can specify when the storage is to take place:

·        If you mark Delete Before Storage, the archive file is not stored until it was processed by the delete program. If, however, the delete program is run in test mode, automatic storage is not carried out. This option is advantageous from a performance point of view.

With this setting, you can also perform storage manually if no delete program has been run. In this case, the system informs you that this does not match the selected sequence. You must then ensure that the file is not stored at the same time as the delete program is active.

·        If you mark Store Before Delete, the archive file is stored as soon as the write program has created the archive file, but still before the delete program has edited it. The delete program can therefore only remove the contents of an archive file from the database once the archive file has been stored. The option offers enhanced backup, as the archived data is not deleted until it has been stored.

With storage before delete, you can choose Delete Program Reads from the Storage System to control the read behavior of the delete program during the delete process.

-         Indicator marked: After storage, the stored archive file is deleted from the file system. Consequently, during the delete phase, the delete program reads the archive file from the storage system. This ensures that the data is only deleted from the database if it was successfully stored in the storage system.

-         Indicator not marked: After storage, the stored archive file is not deleted from the file system. The delete program reads the archive file from the file system. This setting results in improved performance of the delete program without neglecting backup considerations.

If, in the settings for the delete program, the radio button Start Automatically is also selected, the delete program is started automatically following storage. It therefore makes no difference whether the delete program is run in test or production mode.

Similarly, if you select After Event, delete events are scheduled, but they are not run until triggered by the event that has been set up in the settings for the delete program.