Archive File Size


This parameter specifies the maximum size that an archive file can reach when running a write program.


You can specify the following:

·         Maximum size in MB or

·         Maximum number of Data Objects

The value that is reached first triggers the creation of a new archive file. If you leave both fields blank, only one archive file is created.

Many archiving objects have a preset maximum size of 100 MB and a preset maximum number of data objects of 0. For these archiving objects the maximum size of the archive file is the only parameter that determines the size of the file.

Note that the maximum size of an archiving file is limited by the operating system and also by the external storage system if one is connected.

Since the deletion program is automatically started for each archive file, you can carry out delete and write jobs in parallel if relatively small archive files are created. This parallel activity can have a positive effect on the runtime of an archiving session, as the database is used more efficiently. If a file is too small, the number of processes rises and the system is negatively affected.

The ideal size is between 20 and 100 MB. The size must not exceed 2 GB, or no index can be constructed, thereby preventing single document access.