Customizing for Archiving enables you to set parameters that affect the archiving process.


·        You have customizing authorization.

·        Data types are maintained.

·        Organizational data is maintained.

Process Flow

Archiving Customizing can be divided into the following areas:

·        Cross-Archiving-Object Customizing

·        Archiving-Object-Specific Customizing

·        Basis Customizing

·        Application-Specific Customizing

Some applications provide the option of specifying archivability criteria for application data, to be used during data archiving. Examples would be the residence time for sales documents or the account type life and document type life for accounting documents. If it is possible to enter archivability criteria, this function appears in the Customizing of the application in question and in Archiving Customizing of the corresponding archiving object.

For more information on archiving-object-specific and application-specific Customizing, see the application-specific sections of the archiving documentation available in the SAP Library.