Archive Selection


For some archiving actions it is necessary to select individual archive files or whole archive sessions and make them available for the relevant action. You do this in the Archive Selection screen, which is accessible from the initial screen of the relevant action.

Archive selection is relevant for the following actions:

  • Delete
  • Read
  • Build index
  • Reload
  • Postprocessing


Depending on the action, there are four different criteria for whether archiving sessions and archive files are displayed in the archive selection:

Criterion 1

Archive file status




Archive file status
Archived or
(if sequence "Store before deletion" has been selected in Customizing)


Archive file status Archived

Build index

Archive file has the status Deleted and the file is in the file system


Archive file is in file system and the session has the corresponding status (see criterion 5)


All archive files have status Deleted

Criterion 2

The archive file must contain at least one data object. If you have performed an archiving session and maintained the variants so that no data objects were archived, the archive file is automatically deleted and no longer offered for selection.

Criterion 3

If a file is not accessible in the file system, the file is not offered for selection. A file is only offered for read if all the files in a session are accessible.

While checking the accessibility of a file, the system performs a read access for each file. This check process can take a long time if there are a lot of files. To optimize this process the access check can be de-/activated according to archive files in file system and archive files in an optical archive in archiving object-specific Customizing.

Criterion 4

For client-dependent archiving objects only the sessions for the current client are offered.

Criterion 5

An archiving session can only be reloaded if it has the status Complete or Archiving session is reloaded.


In the Archive Selection screen, which you can access by choosing Archive Selection from the initial screen of the archiving action, you can either select complete archive sessions or individual archive files.


Selecting Archive Files