Standard Log


During the write, delete, read, or reload phases of archiving, the relevant program generates a log, either in the form of a standard log or an application-specific log. The latter is described in the archiving-object-specific documentation.


Depending on the archiving action that was carried out, the standard log can contain statistical information about the archiving session or archive file, as well as information about the processed business objects:

Archiving session- or archive file-specific log

·        Archiving session number

·        Number of data objects for processing

·        Archiving session size in megabytes

·        Total header data in %

·        Table space in MB occupied for:

Ў        Tables

Ў        Indexes

·        Number of table entries processed

This information is only written to the spool list.

Business object-specific log

This log provides information about the processing outcome of all business objects that were selected by a user. For the write program, for example, you can see which business objects were archived and which were not archived and why.

First the summarized log is displayed, and if so requested on the selection screen of each archiving program (see Variant Maintenance for Archiving Jobs), a detailed log is displayed later. If detailed information is available for an object, you can display this information by double clicking the desired object. If available, you can also display detail information for a message in the same manner.

If the system did not generate an application log, a corresponding message appears. Possible reasons for this could be that the archiving program in question does not support this function, or that you indicated that the log should be output into the application log and not into the spool list.

You can call the standard log from the screen Archive Administration: Overview of Archiving Sessions. Choose Spool List. If you indicated in the variant screen that the business-object-specific information should be output in the application log, you can display this information in Archive Administration by choosing Logs.