Tables and Archiving Objects


Transaction DB15 enables you to determine which archiving objects archive the data records from a specific table, or enables you to display all of the tables for a specific archiving object. You can also call various statistics for the amount of used database space.


This function is integrated into data archiving. Therefore you can also call it from Archive Administration (Transaction SARA) via Database Tables.


Archiving Objects

This pushbutton takes you to the part of the screen where you can determine archiving objects. To display the archiving objects that apply to a specific table, enter the table name under Objects for Table and choose Display Table.

Tables from which you want to archive data

This pushbutton takes you to the part of the screen where you can determine tables. To display the tables that belong to a specific archiving object, enter the archiving object under Tables for Object and choose Display Objects.

In the display, some archiving object types are not shown. These are all archiving objects that

·         Read, but do not delete

·         Archive using a view or a structure

·         Archive using an archiving class for which no table information is maintained (transaction ACLA)

By default, the system displays only tables whose data records are deleted during Data Archiving. By selecting All Tables, you can, however, display all tables that are linked to the archiving object (with the exception of those mentioned above).

For more information about how to determine tables and archiving objects see Displaying Archiving Objects and Tables.

Storage Space (Statistics)

This transaction provides information from SAP tables that are filled by statistics determination runs. This also provides further information, such as the time and number of the last archiving session and various details on the client used.

For database-specific information see the following documentation:

·        Determining Space Information (Oracle)

·        Determining Space Information (Informix)

·        Determining Space Information (MaxDB)