Maintaining Start Date and Spool Parameters


To schedule archiving jobs, you must maintain the start date and the spool parameters. To do this, you must maintain settings for the following actions in the initial screen:

  • Write
  • Delete
  • Read
  • Building/Deleting Indexes
  • Storing/Retrieving Archive Files
  • Scheduling Preprocessing Program
  • Scheduling Postprocessing
  • Reload


The Start Date and Spool Parameters pushbuttons are followed by a traffic light icon and a note. The table lists the three possibilities.

Traffic Light

Note text


Not maintained

The values are not maintained


The values have already been maintained in this session, for the current action or the values for the spool parameters were taken from the user settings of from the user-specific print parameters.


The values are maintained.


Maintaining Spool Parameters

Maintaining the Start Date