Reading Archive Files


In addition to the data in the online database, archived data can also be read or analyzed. When data is analyzed, it is read sequentially and elementary information such as item number, customer and order date is displayed in list form. It is possible to run an analysis for one or several archiving sessions. Not all archiving objects offer an analysis program.


·         The archive files to be read are accessible from Archive Administration.

·         There is at least one read program for the archiving object used.

·         You are in the Archive Administration: Initial Screen (transaction SARA). You have entered the name of the archiving object in the Object Name field.


1.       Choose Read.

You access the screen Archive Administration: Start Read Program, where you can schedule your job.

2.       In the Batch/Dialog field, specify whether the analysis program is to run in the background (batch) or online (dialog).

3.       In the Read Program field, select a read or analysis program and choose Execute.

Depending on the selected archiving object, you access a specific selection screen. For more information, refer to the documentation on the specific archiving object.

4.       Enter your selection, and choose Execute.

You access the dialog box Archive Management: Select Files to Read. For more information on file selection, refer to Archive Selection.

5.       Select the archive file that you want to read or analyze and confirm the selection by choosing Continue.

The Goto menu offers access to the following:

·         Customizing

·         Job Overview: Offers an overview of all archiving jobs and the functions available for processing them. For more information on the job overview, refer to Managing Jobs in the Job Overview.

·         Management

·         Database Tables

·         Infosystem

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