The Archiving Procedure


This process describes the basic archiving procedures.

Process Flow

Archiving is carried out in three steps:

Step 1: Creating the (First) Archive File

Step 2: Storing Archive Files

Step 3: Executing Delete Programs

Optionally, you can store archive files after the delete phase. To do this, you must mark Delete Phase Before Storage in archiving object-specific Customizing.

If security is your main concern, then you should not schedule the delete phase until after the archive files have been stored. In this way you know that the data will only be deleted from the database after the archive files have successfully been moved to the external storage system. In addition, you can set the system to read the data from the storage system and not from the file system.

However, if your main concern is the performance of the archiving programs, then you should schedule the delete program first and then store the files.

For more information, see File Storage in the Storage System.