Optical Archiving

When using a storage system, it is important to differentiate between the storage of original documents, such as scanned incoming invoices, and the storage of archive files that were created using data archiving.

The term “optical archiving” generally describes the electronic storage and management of documents in storage systems outside of the mySAP Business Suite environment. Examples of documents that can be stored in this way include:

·         Scanned-in original documents, such as incoming invoices

·         Outgoing documents, such as invoices created in mySAP Financials that are created electronically, then sent in printed form

·         Print lists created in mySAP Business Suite

In most cases, these documents are physically stored in optical media such as CDs or WORMs, hence the term “optical archiving”. In this context, it is preferable to refer to document storage. Stored documents and lists can be displayed again, but cannot be imported into or reported in a mySAP Business Suite solution.