Archive Administration: XML Archiving


As in ADK-based archiving, all XML-based archiving functions are carried out using Archive Administration (transaction SARA). For the most part, these functions are the same in both procedures.  The differences are described under the section Features.


XML-based archive administration differs from ADK-based Archive Administration in the following areas:

Storage System

A separate storage or retrieval function for resources does not exist.


Offers an overview of the collection hierarchy for a specific archiving object. In XML-based archiving you first see the collections that were created during the archiving sessions and then the archiving sessions.  Instead of seeing ADK archive files you can view information about the archived resources. See Archive Management: XML Archiving.


There are very few differences between XML-based and ADK-based archiving:

·         The value displayed in the  Header Data column is always zero in XML-based archiving, because resources do not contain any header data. Instead, this information is stored in schemas.

·         The value displayed in the Disk Space column does not include the space occupied by resources of type XSD and XSL (XML schemas and stylesheets). You can find this information in the function Archiving Session Details: XML Archiving.

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