Explicitly Interrupting an Archiving Session


You want to interrupt an active archiving session manually and continue it later.


  • The archiving object supports interruption.
  • The archiving session to be interrupted is in the write phase.
  • You are in the Archive Administration: Initial Screen (transaction SARA). You have entered the name of the archiving object in the Object Name field.

Alternatively, you can interrupt an archiving session from archive management. Choose Goto ® Interrupt.


  1. Choose Goto ® Interrupt.
  2. Select the archiving session(s) to be interrupted.

You have the following options:

    1. All interruptible archiving sessions for all interruptible archiving objects.
    2. All interruptible archiving sessions for the specified archiving object.
    3. Specific archiving sessions that you can select in Archive Selection

The selection of the archiving sessions is always cross-client if the archiving objects used are cross-client.

  1. After you have selected the relevant archiving session, confirm your interruption request by choosing Execute.


The archiving session is interrupted before the system starts writing the next data object. In archive management, the session is marked as interrupted.

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