Archiving Procedure: XML Data Archiving


Fundamentally the procedure for XML-based archiving is the same as the procedure for ADK-based archiving. In this section we describe only the differences between the two.


For XML-based archiving, follow the steps described in Archiving Procedure using ADK. However, you must keep the following differences in mind.

·        In XML-based archiving we use the term resources instead of data objects or archive files.

·        Storing files is not a separate step in XML-based archiving. Resources are written directly to a WebDAV or file system.

·        The reloading of resources is not supported.


These fundamental concepts are described in detail under XML-based Archiving.

The procedure for deleting and reading archived data or resources differ slightly more from those used in ADK-based archiving.   These differences are described in detail in the following documentation:

Deleting Data from the Database

ReReading Resources