Creating Field Catalogs (More than one Source Table)

Before you enter additional source fields, read the Notes. The term "additional source fields" has the following meaning:

  • For key fields, the system establishes field similarities between the join conditions of the different source tables.
  • The system can fill data fields with data from different source tables in an archive information structure.


  • You have created a field catalog with at least one field.
  • You are at the field selection for the field catalog.


  1. Select the field to which you want to add further source fields.
  2. In the navigation space, select the node Additional Source Fields.
  3. Choose New entries and enter the source table and the source field that you want to link with the target field.
  4. Save your entries.


There is now a logical link (join) for key fields between the target field and the additional source field. When the system fills the information structure, it moves the contents of the source fields assigned to the target field to the data fields.