Filling and Emptying Information Structures


  • You are in the initial screen of the Archive Information System (transaction SARI).
  • You have already created and activated the information structure to be filled.

An information structure can only be filled for archive files that have already been processed by the delete program.


  1. Choose Status.

    This takes you to status management.

  2. Enter the name of an archiving object for which you want to fill an information structure.
  3. Choose Status per Info Structure.

    This takes you to the selection screen for archive information structures. To find out which status information is displayed there, see under Status per Info Structure.

    When filling the info structure, you can also select individual archiving sessions. Choose Status per Archive.

  4. Select the archive info structures that are to be filled with data from the archive.
  5. Choose Fill Structures and enter your chosen processing type in the dialog box that appears. Confirm your entry. The system will fill the information structure.

Alternatively you can trigger the filling of an info structure from the Archive Retrieval Configurator entry screen. Enter the relevant information structure and then select Environment ® Fill Structure. This takes you to the Status per Info Structure screen.


  1. Select the archive information structures or archiving sessions that you want to empty.
  2. Choose Empty Structures.

The system empties the information structures.