Archive Explorer


The Archive Explorer enables you to search for archived data and allows individual objects to be displayed from the archive.


You can go to the Archive Explorer from the initial screen of the Archive Information System directly from the Archive Retrieval Configurator (choose Environment ® Archive Explorer.)


Before you can use the Archive Explorer functions you must:

  • Create a suitable archive information structure
  • Activate the information structure
  • Fill the information structure


The Archive Explorer uses the SAP List Viewer functions (formerly the ABAP List Viewer ALV). The fields appear in the selection screen according to how they are stored in the archive information structure.

In the selection screen, you can set which archived data should be read by the Archive Explorer reporting program. An object list from the set information structure is displayed as a result of this selection, from which you can access single data objects in the archive.

A standard viewer is available to display the data objects. Independent of the underlying archiving object, there are also application-specific viewers. The interface used can also be used for customer-specific extensions.


Reporting Information Structures

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