Archive Retrieval Configurator


The ARC allows you to create and configure information structures that are required by the Archive Information System (AS) to execute archive searches.


Creating Archive Information Structure

With this function, you create a new information structure based on application-specific field catalogs. For more information, see Creating Information Structures

Activating Archive Information Structures

With this, you can activate an available information structure so that during a subsequent archiving program delete phase of the archiving object it automatically fills with data from the archive. For more information, see Activating Information Structures

Fill Information Structures

This function allows you to fill an information structure with data from the available archives if the delete program has already processed those archives. Normally this is not necessary because activated information structures are filled automatically during the archiving program delete run For more information, see Filling Information Structures.

Field Catalogs

This function enables you to create new field catalogs or change customer-specific field catalogs. For more information, see Field Catalogs.

Additional ARC functions allow you to empty, deactivate, change, display, and delete archive information structures.