Archive Information System


The Archive Information System (AS) is a generic tool for indexing data archives and is fully integrated into the SAP Data Archiving environment. The indexes created with this tool, which are called Archive Information Structures, are used to display archived data.

In this documentation, the terms archive information structure, information structure and infostructure are used synonymously.


The archive information system includes the following components:

Archive Retrieval Configurator (ARC)

The ARC enables you to create archive information structures with the help of field catalogs, and to fill the structures with data from the archive. The archive information structure, which represents a kind of archive index, provides the basis for archive data reporting.

Archive Explorer

The Archive Explorer enables fast searches of archived data. It does this by accessing the archive information structures that have been created and stored in transparent database tables using the Archive Retrieval Configurator.Furthermore, the Archive Explorer allows direct accesses of individual data objects in the archive, which can then be displayed in both technical and application-specific views.

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