Determining Space Information (Oracle)


You can determine information about space and space parameters online or use existing statistics. For more information, see DB Tables.



       1.      Choose Administration ® CCMS ® DB administration ® Data archiving, or enter transaction DB15 in the command field.

       2.      Enter an archiving object and then display the corresponding tables.

Intermediate result

Online space provides you with information obtained from the Oracle system table DBA_TABLES. This includes the number of records, the space used, and the date the last time statistics were created by Oracle. The system also displays general information about the time and the number of the last archiving session as well as its client–dependence.

Space statistics displays the corresponding information from the SAP tables DBSTATTORA and DBSTATIORA that are filled using update statistics with BRCONNECT.

See Update Statistics for the Cost-Based Optimizer in CCMS (Oracle).

For more details about the space and space parameters of a particular table, continue as below.

       3.      Select a table.

       4.      Choose Online spaceor Space statistics.

       5.      Alternatively, you can select a table from the display and then choose Space details.


You can use the information displayed to determine what to archive. Choose Archive management to go to archive management directly, where you can plan and execute data archiving.