Archiving-Object-Specific Customizing: XML Archiving


The parameters you set here apply to a specific XML archiving object.


Archiving-Object-Specific Customizing for XML-based archiving differs from Archiving-Object-Specific Customizing for ADK-based archiving in the following areas:

Logical Home Path

In XML-based archiving you use a logical home path instead of a logical file name. The logical home path is a kind of alias for the actual home path. The actual home path is determined in Basis Customizing.

Archive File Size

This area is not used in XML-based archiving Customizing, because each data object is written separately to a collection in the form of a resource.

Settings for the Delete Program

In XML-based archiving this area contains an additional field.  The value of this field determines how many resources are requested by the delete program for processing together (generally this number of resources is then deleted in one database transaction).


This is true for delete programs that work without partitions. If your delete program works with partitions, the package size entered here is ignored.

Delete Jobs

As in ADK archiving this area is used to determine when the delete program is to be started.

The difference lies in the fact that if Start Automatically or start automatically After Event are selected, then exactly one XML delete job is scheduled per archiving session to process the resources sequentially.

File Storage to Storage System

This area is not available in XML-based archiving Customizing.

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