Creating Statistics


You can display statistical information that was automatically generated by the archiving programs (write, delete, read, reload). Statistical information provides useful data on the individual archiving sessions for the database administrator.


You are in the Archive Administration: Initial Screen (transaction SARA). You have entered the name of the archiving object in the Object Name field.

Alternatively, you can call the statistics function from the archive management in Archive Administration, or in transaction SAR_DA_STAT_ANALYSIS. If you use this transaction, you must enter client and archiving object manually.


  1. Choose: Statistics.

    The Display Statistics for Data Archiving screen appears.

  2. In the Selection area, enter the date on which the archiving session was carried out.

    The client and archiving object are already entered by the system. You can, however, change these values.

  3. In the Archiving Status area, mark the required status for the archiving sessions for which you want to call statistics.

    You can mark one indicator, or a combination of several.

  4. Choose: Display Statistics.


The statistics are displayed in the integrated ALV window (SAP List Viewer) in line with the entries made in the selection and status parameters. For more information on the meaning of the column headings, see Statistics.