Archive Management: XML Archiving


As in ADK-based archiving you can use this screen to display and work with management information of XML archiving sessions. However, this function differs slightly from that used in ADK archiving. These differences are discussed below.


In XML-based archiving a part of the XML DAS hierarchy is displayed in each status area of the overview screen. Generally the display will contain the home path of your archiving object and a collection corresponds to one archiving session. It is also possible for one collection to contain several different archiving sessions. As in ADK-based archiving, the sessions are organized according to their status. See Archive Administration: Archiving Session Overview. Due to some fundamental differences between the two processes, only the following statuses are used in XML-based data archiving. See XML-based Archiving.


Archiving Sessions with Errors: The write process terminated before the first resource was archived.


Incomplete Archiving Sessions: The write process has not been completed, the deletion program did not run for all resources, or a write process was terminated.


Completed Archiving Sessions: Both the write process and the delete phase were completed successfully.


Invalid Archiving Session: The archiving session has been marked as invalid.


Archiving Sessions to be Archived: The management data for the archiving session can be archived and deleted using archiving object BC_ARCHIVE.


Interrupted: The archiving session was interrupted. This was done either manually by the user or took place automatically because the values entered as interruption criteria were exceeded (for example, runtime or the total number of data records to be archived).

In addition, the function uses the following indicators for job activities:


A job with status Scheduled, Ready, or Active, exists for this archiving session.


A terminated job exists for the archiving session.

The management screen also contains the following information:

·        Choose  to see the technical information about the connected XML DAS.

·        XML Written and XML Deleted: These columns contain the number of written or deleted resources per archiving session, that is, all written or deleted resources of type XML and BIN.

For more information about collections and archiving sessions, see:

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