Interrupting and Continuing Archiving Sessions


In order that Data Archiving can be seemlessly integrated into the production system, you can interrupt an archiving session during the write phase and contine it at a later time. This enables you to react, during archiving, to specific time constraints or hard-disk space shortages. You can continue and complete interrupted archiving sessions when you have more time or more storage space.


This function is a part of the Archive Administration (transaction SARA) and requires the support of the write program.


To interrupt an archiving session:

  • The archiving object must be registered in transaction AOBJ as interruptible, otherwise the Archive Development Kit (ADK) is unable to inform the write program of the interruption request.
  • The write program must be able to process the interruption request.
  • The archiving session must be run in production mode (not test mode) and be in process.
  • The delete phase must be able to start before the write phase has finished (setting in transaction AOBJ).

To continue an archiving session:

  • The session must have been interrupted within the context of the interrupution concept. Archiving sessions that were interrupted for other reasons or that were terminated by archive management cannot be continued.
  • The delete phase must have completed for the data that was archivied up to the point of interruption, that is, the archiving session must have the status completed.


The write phase of an interruptible archiving session can be interrupted either implicitly (on account of the values that are specified in Cross-Archiving Object Customizing)or explicitly (manually by an Application Programming Interface (API)).