Automatic Interruption of an Archiving Session


When scheduling an archiving session, you realize that the time slot available or the amount of storage space is not going to be enough. However, you want to start the archiving session, interrupt it, and continue it later.


·        The archiving object supports interruption.

·        In cross-archiving object Customizing, you have specified the running time in hours or the storage space in MB, or both.

Process Flow


       1.      Start the archiving session as usual.

       2.      For each data object that function module ARCHIVE_SAVE_OBJECT writes, the ADK determines whether it is necessary to interrupt the archiving session.

The ADK calculates the following:

a.       The time that has elapsed since the write job was released.

b.       The storage space – by adding the size of already closed archive files to the size of the archive file that is currently being written.

       3.      As soon as one of these values is reached, the ADK triggers the interruption by raising the exception TERMINATED_REQUESTED.

The write program must be able to process the exception and call function module ARCHIVE_CLOSE_FILE.

       4.      The ADK sets the incomplete status, as usual, but marks it additionally as  interrupted.


The archiving session was interrupted and can be continued later. To continue an interrupted archiving session, see Continuing an Interrupted Archiving Session.