Querying the Operating Status of External Components


You can display the current operating status of the external connection software from the system administration of SAPconnect, SAPphone, and Business Routing. If errors occur, you can set the trace for the external communication component to the highest level directly from the SAP System. The trace logs data until you reset it.


You can only query the operating status in the SAP System if the external connection software (communication gateway, telephony gateway, or routing gateway) supports the query. This is the case for all telephony gateways and routing gateways certified by SAP.


  1. Choose Utilities ® Trace ® Server status and trace.
  2. Specify the node, telephony server, or routing server that represents the external software.

    The current operating status for the component is displayed in the Status frame.

  3. To receive more information, double-click on the required component (for example, SAPPHONE).