Starting the Data Collection Method Manually


You carry out this procedure for test purposes and before you use the SAPconnect or SAPphone monitors for the first time. A data collection period ends when the SAP system is shut down. If you do not configure the system so that the data collection period is started automatically after a restart of the SAP system, you have to start the period again manually each time.


During the runtime of an SAP system, the data collection method always has to be executed on the same application host. Therefore, when executing the data collection method directly from SAPconnect or SAPphone, you have to start it on the application host that it was executed on for the first time after a system restart.


In SAPconnect or SAPphone administration


       1.      Choose Utilities ® Alert monitor ® Start data collection method.

It is confirmed in the status bar whether the method was executed successfully.

       2.      If you are not on the application server that the data collection method was executed on after the last restart of the SAP system, you receive an error message that contains the name of the 'correct' application host in the associated long text. In this case, log on to the specified server, start the SAPconnect or SAPphone administration and execute this procedure again.