Creating Services for the SMTP Plug-In


You have to create a service for every virtual host that you want to use to receive SMTP messages. In the case of SAPconnect, you have to create a service for every client in which messages are to be received using the SMTP plug-in. For more information on the concept of virtual hosts, see Virtual Hosts.

Services are connected to the SAP System's transport system.


If messages are to be received in more than one client, the parameter is/SMTP/virt_host_<*> has to be maintained in the profile of the Internet Communication Manager (ICM), whereby <*> stands for the number of the virtual host.


  1. Call transaction SICF.
  2. Choose .
  3. Specify the name of the virtual host.
  4. Select the server type SMTP server.
  5. Choose .
  6. Make settings in the following areas:
  • Host data

Number of the virtual host (if messages are only to be received in one client, enter 0, otherwise enter the number of the client)

  • Service data
    • Anonymous logon data

The Logon data is required field cannot be selected.

Specify the client and a service user.

    • Service options

Do not make any entries here for SMTP.

    • Security requirements

Select Standard.

    • Basic authentication

Select Standard SAP User.

  • Handler list

Specify the class CL_SMTP_EXT_SAPCONNECT.

  1. Save.